The future of tomorrow

- Solving the unsolvable

InterProducTec team has a strong expertise in artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things and industry 4.0. Technology is our passion.

We’re a high-tech company specialized in process-independent, smart control technology. Our services and products range from graphical user interfaces, to data-driven, smart process control for industrial manufacturing applications.

With over 80 man-years of research and development on computer vision and machine learning applications in industrial manufacturing processes, we are experts at elevating your production beyond the state of the art.
The possibilities of using the increasing amount of data that modern factory environments are capable of recording span from planning & optimizing supply chains, over monitoring equipment health, to controlling even the most complex processes to make sure your customers get the quality they deserve.

InterProducTec employs a team of data scientists and machine learning experts with solutions to help you make sense of your data. Our solutions comprise of statistical data evaluation, object detection and recognition, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, including reinforcement and deep learning, and many more.

If the existing solutions are not what you looking for? We also don’t shy away from tailoring new solutions for your unique requirements.

Our approach

We at InterProducTec are expert strategists. We collaborate with our clients with their most complex strategic challenges and build tailored solutions to help them achieve sustained growth.